carpet cleaning londonTenancy Cleaners London provides professional carpet cleaning services in Mortlake, London. People often wonder why it is important to use professional carpet cleaning services. The carpet cleaning solution is specifically designed to make your carpets stainless and dirt-free. Our carpet cleaners in Mortlake, London use the hot water to make your carpets look as good as new. The idea is simple – high temperature steaming kills off 98% of the bacteria, removes dirt, dust and stains.

People usually are unaware of the fact that these bacteria cause several diseases like fever, asthma and many different types of allergies. Thus, hot water and eco-friendly detergents are used by the experts to fight them. Carpet cleaning done by our professionals will prolong the lifespan of you carpets and rugs. It is a much better decision to hire professional carpet cleaner than buying a new carpet.

Our cleaning company send the experts to your home with all the equipments they need and the inconvenience of transportation is smartly avoided. Moreover, the steam cleaning method does a big favour to you by drying up the carpet up to 95% and saves you the trouble of waiting for hours and hours for the water to evaporate. The machines we use are provided by Prochem and extract the moisture from the fibers of your carpet.

Clients About us:

I was really happy with this carpet cleaning, the great attitude and the attention to the details. I also got my furniture cleaned and I will definitely book with you again. I guess when it's time for a deep cleaning.
- Brenda
My allergy outbursts were significantly reduced once I got my carpets cleaned. Thanks for making my life so much easier and my living room cosier.
- Connor

There are a whole lot of reasons that are in favour of carpet cleaning services. No doubt it is a good investment but more than it, it is good for your health too. Living in unclean surroundings and conditions can only lead to diseases. Old or young, no one is safe in a house where carpets have bacteria written all over it. If a professional carpet cleaning service save you from infections isn’t that a good deal? You decide!

Carpet Cleaning Mortlake

An area in London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, Mortlake district is on south bank of Thames River, which lies Barnes and Kew, having to the south the East Sheen inland. Until the year 1965 the district was part of Surrey.

Brief History of Mortlake

In Domesday Book the name of the district appears as Mortelage. Then it was acquired by Archbishop Lanfranc of Canterbury with the asset distribution as 25 hides; 2 mills worth £5, 1 church, 1 fishery, 20 acres (81,000 m2) of meadow, 33 ploughs, wood worth 55 hogs.

It is believed Mortelage mean small stream that contains young salmon, which refers to the fishery there on River Thames’ former tributary.

John Dee, the advisor of Elizabeth I, use to live in Mortlake. The area has finish point of Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race since 1845. The bus garage on Avondale Road of the district was closed in 1983.

Transport Systems in Mortlake

The nearest railway stations in and around Mortlake are Mortlake railway station, Barnes Bridge railway station and North Sheen railway station.

Nearest Places in Mortlake

The nearest places in and around Mortlake are Barnes, Chiswick, East Sheen, Richmond and Gunnersbury.