end of tenancy cleaning londonMoving out or in to a new house in London is a common phenomenon. Most of the people are employed in working sector and with more income in the family, people prefer to change the accommodation too often. The changing tenancy or moving to new house brings in with it the responsibility of getting it thoroughly cleaned as well.

From sweeping to dusting, from washing to wiping, a new house requires all the utmost care. And cleaning all the grease, dirt and dust spread all over the house is a difficult task. That is where the role of our end of tenancy cleaning service providers come into place. In the past few years our company has become one of the top rated cleaning companies in London because we offer high quality at the most affordable prices.

The tenancy cleaning services include not just cleaning of all the floors and tiles in the house, but also the kitchen area and appliances, carpets, cupboards, furniture and windows.

Each and every object is wiped, dusted and cleaned properly to give them a totally new look. Doing all this on your own sounds one hectic job and that is why, it is better to hire a tenancy cleaning agency to do this job perfectly for a reasonable price. There are various packages that include free washing of extra objects like kitchen appliances, carpets, curtains, cupboards and many more.

All you need to do is just make a call and arrange the most convenient for you day and time for the service to take place.

Our cleaners are professionally trained workers that are fully insured and vetted. They use the latest cleaning materials and equipment powered by Prochem. In case, they meet any accident while working at your place, you face no blame and all the responsibility lies on the company’s shoulders. Thus, it is a complete “win-win” situation for the customers hiring such an expertise service at such a reasonable cost.