Tenancy Cleaners London is a popular cleaning agency operating in North London area. We offer a number of cleaning services, including the highly sought carpet cleaning. Maintaining the good condition of your carpets isn’t easy and doing this yourself is nearly impossible.

We advise you to let our professional cleaners take care of your carpets. They are provided with the latest cleaning equipment and detergents and will easily revive the original condition of any carpet.

The carpet cleaning package includes a quality stain removal service which will get rid of almost any carpet stain. If you have ever faced a carpet stain, then you know how tough they can be to remove, but thanks to the knowledge, experience and equipment of our cleaners, we can get rid of carpet stains in a couple of minutes.

The cleaning products we use are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They won’t leave any residue or cause harm to people or pets.

Carpet cleaning involves: Steam cleaning; Dry Cleaning, Carpet & rug cleaning, Mattress cleaning.

You’ll have to provide us with some information in order to make our job easier. You have to tell us the stain’s origin and how old it is. This will help our cleaners determine the best cleaning detergent to use and improve our chances of success. Keep in mind that stains that are too old can’t be removed completely and we mustn’t be held responsible for them. Book our cleaning services and we guarantee that you will be amazed by the results we achieve.