Domestic Cleaning LondonMany people have started taking advantage of the domestic cleaning services which our company offers in North London. We specialize in delivering quality cleaning at affordable prices. There is nothing better than having your home cleaned by professionals, while you relax and enjoy your free time.

Let our cleaners in North London do all the hard work. We employ a team of experienced and trained cleaning technicians who always deliver magnificent results. The list of services we offer is long, but our most popular service is certainly domestic cleaning.

We are sure that many of you are sick of cleaning your own home – now, you can avoid this thanks to our professional cleaning service. Tenancy Cleaners London is a reputable company which has satisfied hundreds of customers. We have supervised, interviewed and trained each one of our employees and we are certain that you won’t find more reliable and trustworthy employees than ours. We supply our cleaners with the necessary cleaning equipment and products.

Domestic cleaning is a service which covers various areas of the home. Here are the general things which the service includes:

Washing windows and doors
Mopping & vacuuming floors
Cleaning the bath
Wiping mirrors
Cleaning cabinets, wardrobes and cupboards
Cleaning the oven, fridge, freezer and other appliances
Laundry & ironing
Cleaning extractor fans, air conditioners and ceiling fans
Removing litter and cobwebs

We have very flexible working hours, so we’ll certainly fit into a busy schedule. Contact us now and learn more about our services!