Changing your home in South East London at the end of tenancy period is a long and exhausting process which requires a lot of arrangements. In most cases, people want to finish this process as quickly as possible and they try to avoid as many things as they can. However, there are certain things which can’t be skipped and one of them is deep cleaning. You have to prepare your new home, but you must also clean the old property, so that you would be able to receive your initial deposit .

Both places have to be thoroughly cleaned, but this type of cleaning requires a lot of time and doing it yourself won’t be so effective. We advise you to use our end of tenancy cleaning service in South East London and let our cleaners take care of your old home. When we are done with it, it will easily pass the inspection of the property agents.

We are Tenancy Cleaners London and we have been in the cleaning industry for couple of years. During that time we have worked with many landlords and tenants and we have gained the knowledge required to fully satisfy the needs of the pickiest customers. Our cleaners are well trained and they will perform the job quickly and effectively. The final result will be a sparkling clean place which your landlord will enjoy.

We provide our workers with the latest cleaning equipment and materials. The cleaning team will:

Vacuum carpets and mop hard floors
Dust surfaces and clean windows & doors
Remove cobwebs & litter
Clean cupboards and appliances on the inside and out
Scrub and de-scale toilet, bathroom floors, shower and sink
Wipe mirrors, paintings and wall hangings
Clean sockets, handrails, switches and skirting boards