Leaving a rented home in South West London isn’t so simple. You have to perform certain tasks in order to make sure that the landlord will give your deposit back. The most important thing is to leave the property in good and clean condition, ready to accept new tenants. Doing this yourself isn’t so easy and you might want to turn to a professional cleaning agency in South West London.

We offer a high quality end of tenancy cleaning service at an affordable price. The service is carried out be trained cleaners who are aware of the latest cleaning techniques and standards. They will easily meet the expectations of your landlord. We know the importance of end of tenancy cleaning and this is why our service comes with a 48 hours guarantee. If you find a problem during that time, we’ll send our team to re-clean the place for free.

Our cleaners in South West London know what to clean and we assure you that they won’t miss a spot. Here are the general things which the end of tenancy cleaning service involves:

Vacuuming and mopping floors
Dusting furniture
Cleaning mirrors
Cleaning cupboards, electric appliances and wardrobes on the inside and out
Removing grease and grime from appliances and surfaces
Cleaning the inside of windows
Cleaning and de-scaling tiles
Cleaning sanitary ware

The service includes many other small tasks and it would take us a couple of pages to tell you everything that will be cleaned. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our services and prices. Our cleaning teams are available seven days a week and they’ll gladly do your cleaning for you.