Preparing your winter clothes for a “summer sleep”

Fortunately, winter is finally over and it’s about time the clear the closet from all your winter clothes and store them, so they can be safe until winter comes again. The biggest advantage of this is that you will free a lot of space for new spring and summer clothes.

So, the first you need to start with is to empty the closet. Take everything out, then wipe the surfaces and hoover the area.

Check which clothes you don’t wear any more and give them to some charity organisation. Or, if they’re fairly new and you’ve put them on just once or twice, you can give them to a friend. Oooor, if you have clothes that can’t be worn at all, you can bring them to some place where they can be recycled.

Make a thorough inspection of your clothes and separate the winter clothes. You can hang the spring and summer ones back in the closet.

Have a look at the winter clothes, go through all the piles and check if they’re any that need to be washed. Bring the coats to the dry cleaners. It is of prime importance to have all of your clothes cleaned and washed, so you can keep them safe from any bugs. When storing the clothes, put them in fabric bags. Don’t use plastic ones, because the clothes won’t be able to “breathe”. Or another option is to store them in boxes. And make sure all clothes are neatly folded.

Afterwards, you can place the boxes underneath your bed or in a dry place where there’s no damp or mold.

Taking the right care of your clothes is vital. Making sure they’re all clean and safely stored will prolong the life of the fabric. It is also healthy and hygienic and will preserve the good condition of the clothings.