Care for the swimming pool

With the beginning of warm weather and spring mood, our wish to jump into the swimming pool becomes stronger and stronger. But after the winter break, first we should clean it carefully. Here, you can read some useful tips about pool maintenance.

Most pools remain full during the winter. So, the spring always comes with a dilemma: to filter water, which is into the pool or fill it with fresh. Since at least once a year you need to change the water in the pool, it is advisable to do so with the beginning of the season and combine it with a thoroughly cleaning of the pool.

The first thing you should do is to empty and clean the whole pool surface using a brush. The goal is to clean up scurf, micro-organisms and all contaminated areas.
For cleaning the pool, use special detergents that are designed for cleaning the scale and leave no trace of foam as regular detergents used in household.

You are able to use the relevant equipment, that can be supplied not only from the specialised stores, but also from the local supermarket. If you decide to opt for the usage of Paris white or similar equipment, you should be extremely careful and to follow the instructions, in order to avoid damaging your tiles.

Once the tails are cleaned a proper hovering must be applied and in this case you have the option to do it yourself or to use a professional pool vacuum cleaner. The automatic hover will do the vacuuming instead of you. But if you don’t have this useful tool, you should do in by yourself. In order to avoid any accidents you should deal carefully with the equipment and carefully to apply the vacuum head into the pool. Don’t forget to make sure that there are no orifices left open, apart from the vacuum. Vacuuming the pool is similar to vacuuming a carpet. You should carefully hover all the length and widht of the pool, no missing the hardly reachable edges.

When you finish with this, it is time to clean the pool’s sides and floor.  The grime must be swept in direction towards the drain with the usage of a brush. Then, check if everything with the filter is fine and start filling the pool. Remember that you should use water with low limestone content in your pool, because otherwise the life of your pump and water filters will be shrink and this will be further more related to high expenses.