Disposal Day

Disposal Day


It is not Friday the 13th we’re talking about but a simple day for a cleaning arrangement. We are so enclose with the items in our property that we don’t see how gradually they take power over us and aggressively obsess not only our external but also our inner space. Having different and unused items all around the property makes us feel uncomfortable. Once we realize this we should immediately start the campaign ‘ Clean and dispose from a to z ‘. You should react immediately and don’t allow to lose the good intent. Of course it is even better to start the disposal campaign during the weekend when you have plenty of free time.

We can guarantee that at the end of the day your property will look like a magazine – as someone occupies your home and at the same time no one lives there. Do you know that according to Feng Shui accumulation of unnecessary and useless items brings negative energy which might be a reason for a bad mood, sleep, poor condition of your skin and hair ? Shortly this may affect your physical and mental health. So grab some bags for a separate collection of garbage and start disposing. If you have certain concerns if there’s something you would suggest to be needed in the next few years, just sort it and leave it in the closet or basement. But if in a few years you realize that the exact item had not beem used at all, then you can easy get  rid of it with a smile on your face.

Here is a simple schedule for a disposal process:

  1. Children toys and souvenirs from the near past inclusive porcelain figurines, small candles, picture frames without pictures. All these should be thrown away. There’s no need to keep them all. Of course they all remind you of good memories and have value. The best option is just to keep a few of them and get rid of the rest.
  2. Old video CD’s and audio tapes that most likely you’ll never watch again.
  3. Old clothes – yes we all know that it is almost impossible to throw out a prom dress, that pair of expensive jeans we bought with our first salary. We also know that fashion sooner or later repeats its trends. However it is time to face the true. Colours fade and the materials get old. Just keep most of your favourite clothes preferably with the classical shapes. Bags also change their style often.
  4. Old kitchen vessels inherited from your mother or grandmother are valuable only if their condition allows to use them and keep them out of the cupboards, otherwise there’s no reason to keep them hidden.
  5. Cooking spices, spaghetti are not needed, especially when the expire date has been reached months ago.
  6. Electronic devises – don’t forget to clean one of your favourite belongings – the computer.

If you have disposed 80 per cent of the unneeded, fighting successfully emotional memories then consider the Disposal Day mission as accomplished.