Quick and Efficient Tidy up

Quick and Efficient Tidy up

How to tidy up our property especially with a house full of kids? Well, this is something challenging. Our belongings , different items and furniture pieces reduces the amount of the air in the room. Sometimes we have no time and energy to clean even if we want it. There are ways to tidy up and turn our property in a peaceful spot which makes us happy and always brings a positive energy.

Clean Step by Step

Having our property cleaned from top to bottom in one day is tough task if you decide to do it yourself. Start cleaning step by step. This will make the cleaning process more pleasant and effective.

Clean Unneeded Items

Keep the items you really love and care about. The rest – give to friends, use for charity purposes or just throw away. Smaller items remind us of different things, they are cute, nice and take space. Just throw away the unneeded items. Otherwise sooner or later your property will turn into a place filled with rubbish and everything, but not the correct things.

Always consider your property space

Un fortunately each property has limited sized. No matter our constant desire to buy and have more our home has limits and is not able to fit everything we want. And don’t forget that except the items occupying your property there are also people around it who need also space to live and breath. Don’t allow the useless items to take this right from them. Try to think about every single spot in your home and use it clever.

Good luck with the tidy up!

Disposal Day

Disposal Day


It is not Friday the 13th we’re talking about but a simple day for a cleaning arrangement. We are so enclose with the items in our property that we don’t see how gradually they take power over us and aggressively obsess not only our external but also our inner space. Having different and unused items all around the property makes us feel uncomfortable. Once we realize this we should immediately start the campaign ‘ Clean and dispose from a to z ‘. You should react immediately and don’t allow to lose the good intent. Of course it is even better to start the disposal campaign during the weekend when you have plenty of free time.

We can guarantee that at the end of the day your property will look like a magazine – as someone occupies your home and at the same time no one lives there. Do you know that according to Feng Shui accumulation of unnecessary and useless items brings negative energy which might be a reason for a bad mood, sleep, poor condition of your skin and hair ? Shortly this may affect your physical and mental health. So grab some bags for a separate collection of garbage and start disposing. If you have certain concerns if there’s something you would suggest to be needed in the next few years, just sort it and leave it in the closet or basement. But if in a few years you realize that the exact item had not beem used at all, then you can easy get  rid of it with a smile on your face.

Here is a simple schedule for a disposal process:

  1. Children toys and souvenirs from the near past inclusive porcelain figurines, small candles, picture frames without pictures. All these should be thrown away. There’s no need to keep them all. Of course they all remind you of good memories and have value. The best option is just to keep a few of them and get rid of the rest.
  2. Old video CD’s and audio tapes that most likely you’ll never watch again.
  3. Old clothes – yes we all know that it is almost impossible to throw out a prom dress, that pair of expensive jeans we bought with our first salary. We also know that fashion sooner or later repeats its trends. However it is time to face the true. Colours fade and the materials get old. Just keep most of your favourite clothes preferably with the classical shapes. Bags also change their style often.
  4. Old kitchen vessels inherited from your mother or grandmother are valuable only if their condition allows to use them and keep them out of the cupboards, otherwise there’s no reason to keep them hidden.
  5. Cooking spices, spaghetti are not needed, especially when the expire date has been reached months ago.
  6. Electronic devises – don’t forget to clean one of your favourite belongings – the computer.

If you have disposed 80 per cent of the unneeded, fighting successfully emotional memories then consider the Disposal Day mission as accomplished.

11 healthy tips for spring cleaning Part 2

11 healthy tips for spring cleaning


Part 2

  1. Clean silver surfaces with a toothpaste

Some cleaning products for silver contain ammonium and harmful substances, so you can easy replace them with a tooth paste. Just apply some toothpaste on a cloth , rinse with warm water and polish with a soft towel. For larger silverware it is possible to use baking soda, mixed with some water.


  1. Unclog drain without detergents

If your drain is badly blocked, instead of using a detergent use half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar. The same you can do on weekly bases which will reduce unpleasant smells.

  1. Effective cleaning the windows

Mix 1/3 of glass vinegar and 1/4 of glass alcohol and distilled water. You can now easy and effective clean your windows.

Here are some quick cleaning tips:

instead of using the spray just apply some water on the galsses using a mop and leave for 5 minutes

avoid cleaning windows when sun rays shine straight to the window as this will evaporate the detergent

  1. Cleaning and disinfection of the toilet

To clean healthy and safety you can once again use the vinegar advantages. Pour a glass of white vinegar. Sprinkle some baking soda and leave for 15 minutes.


11 Healthy Tips for Spring Cleaning

Part 1


If you think that cleaning is an easy task then have you ever thought about the way it affects your health. Insect debris, dust and chemicals – all these things affect the body immediately or with the time. Your home environment may look completely safety, but if you look closer while cleaning you will find plenty of issues which may put your health under risk.


According to specialists sometimes the decision of the problem with the germs and dirt is not the main problem considering the number of toxic detergents we have in the property. Of course it is not possible to throw away everything you already have, however some products might be much more safety than others and even eco friedly. These are baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice.


Here are some healthy tips which may support the cleaning process


  1. Be organized


There’s no need to mop the floor if you remove afterwards the dust. If you aim to remove the germs and bacteria you should organize the cleaning process effectively. This means that you should clean following an exact plan, as this will assure the proper results. Clean only in one direction. For example clean the ceiling and continue with the walls, furniture and finish mopping the floor.


    1. Clean the items you never clean


Mattress works as a magnet for all kinds of germs and bacteria which may cause different allergies. This is why we recommend to wash its cover at least one or twice per month using how water ( at least 60 degrees ) and the mattress clean with a wet towel and hot water. Here are some places you have probably never cleaned:


The phone handset is one of the places full with bacteria, germs and viruses.


Garbage bins especially the one you have in the kitchen or bathroom. Just emptying the garbage bin does not mean that it has been cleaned. It is recommended to clean it regularly using a brush and a hot water.


Bathroom curtains are always wet as the moisture is everywhere in the property. Clean them often otherwise they will turn into a suitable place for mold.


Automatic dishwashers – if you look them closer you can notice at the edges mold and midew. The same refers for the fridge door.


Fireplace – a plugged chimney is not only unpleasant for the cleaning condition of our property, it is dangerous for our health.


  1. Clean with a woollen cloth


When wiping surfaces with a woollen cloth this creates a static electricity which attracts dust and dirt. For this purpose you can use old socks, sweater or a blanket.



Spring Cleaning Effective Tricks

When the spring knocks on the door this means that there’s time for a change and renovations. Frequently as we change our clothes, we feel the need to change something in our home. Spring is the best time for this change. It is the perfect moment to clean everything which remind us of the winter: thick curtains and blankets… just get rid of them. It’s time to replace the fabrics – apply some lighter curtains and carpets using fresh colours. This will improve your mood and will allow more light to enter the premises.

Get rid of the cheap items you never use. If you need them in the future you can easily buy them again. Don’t forget that pillows should be changed in a certain period and it’s best to do it now.

In the Kitchen

Use fresh colours as green, yellow and orange as these are suitable for the room we spend a major time at home. White it the most common used colour in the kitchen. However it is sterile and sometimes due to this fact brings some different associations. This is why we advice to use beige or another light shade.

Sort out in the closet all dark and polished items. Red, black and grey are the colours which bring more concentrated emotions and complicates the vision of the room.

Spring is the moment to buy some new accessories, replace lamps and bring lightness and freshness everywhere. Positive mood bring pink tone shades and small prints of flowers.

In the living room keep tablecloths and curtains if they have graphic prints, floral motives and stripes. You can change your wall colours and re paint then in warm tones as yellow, green and orange.

Clean and store heavy rugs, tablecloths made of artificial leather and plush, thick heavy curtains which stop the flow of air and light. They will only collect dust.