11 Healthy Tips for Spring Cleaning

Part 1


If you think that cleaning is an easy task then have you ever thought about the way it affects your health. Insect debris, dust and chemicals – all these things affect the body immediately or with the time. Your home environment may look completely safety, but if you look closer while cleaning you will find plenty of issues which may put your health under risk.


According to specialists sometimes the decision of the problem with the germs and dirt is not the main problem considering the number of toxic detergents we have in the property. Of course it is not possible to throw away everything you already have, however some products might be much more safety than others and even eco friedly. These are baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice.


Here are some healthy tips which may support the cleaning process


  1. Be organized


There’s no need to mop the floor if you remove afterwards the dust. If you aim to remove the germs and bacteria you should organize the cleaning process effectively. This means that you should clean following an exact plan, as this will assure the proper results. Clean only in one direction. For example clean the ceiling and continue with the walls, furniture and finish mopping the floor.


    1. Clean the items you never clean


Mattress works as a magnet for all kinds of germs and bacteria which may cause different allergies. This is why we recommend to wash its cover at least one or twice per month using how water ( at least 60 degrees ) and the mattress clean with a wet towel and hot water. Here are some places you have probably never cleaned:


The phone handset is one of the places full with bacteria, germs and viruses.


Garbage bins especially the one you have in the kitchen or bathroom. Just emptying the garbage bin does not mean that it has been cleaned. It is recommended to clean it regularly using a brush and a hot water.


Bathroom curtains are always wet as the moisture is everywhere in the property. Clean them often otherwise they will turn into a suitable place for mold.


Automatic dishwashers – if you look them closer you can notice at the edges mold and midew. The same refers for the fridge door.


Fireplace – a plugged chimney is not only unpleasant for the cleaning condition of our property, it is dangerous for our health.


  1. Clean with a woollen cloth


When wiping surfaces with a woollen cloth this creates a static electricity which attracts dust and dirt. For this purpose you can use old socks, sweater or a blanket.