Spring Cleaning Effective Tricks

When the spring knocks on the door this means that there’s time for a change and renovations. Frequently as we change our clothes, we feel the need to change something in our home. Spring is the best time for this change. It is the perfect moment to clean everything which remind us of the winter: thick curtains and blankets… just get rid of them. It’s time to replace the fabrics – apply some lighter curtains and carpets using fresh colours. This will improve your mood and will allow more light to enter the premises.

Get rid of the cheap items you never use. If you need them in the future you can easily buy them again. Don’t forget that pillows should be changed in a certain period and it’s best to do it now.

In the Kitchen

Use fresh colours as green, yellow and orange as these are suitable for the room we spend a major time at home. White it the most common used colour in the kitchen. However it is sterile and sometimes due to this fact brings some different associations. This is why we advice to use beige or another light shade.

Sort out in the closet all dark and polished items. Red, black and grey are the colours which bring more concentrated emotions and complicates the vision of the room.

Spring is the moment to buy some new accessories, replace lamps and bring lightness and freshness everywhere. Positive mood bring pink tone shades and small prints of flowers.

In the living room keep tablecloths and curtains if they have graphic prints, floral motives and stripes. You can change your wall colours and re paint then in warm tones as yellow, green and orange.

Clean and store heavy rugs, tablecloths made of artificial leather and plush, thick heavy curtains which stop the flow of air and light. They will only collect dust.