Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning


Cleaning kitchen might be considered as one of the general duties we should apply on regular bases. However in order to keep the kitchen area clean and protected of bacteria just general cleaning is always not enough. There are some specific tips related to the exact appliances and these are often tasks we don’t know about. Here are some simple advices which may ensure the clean and tidy condition of your kitchen.


Clean the Kitchen Bin


Kitchen bin is a moist and dark place filled with nutrients which create a perfect environment for a number of bacteria and germs. It is very important to bye a pedal bin basket. This will ensure your clean hands and will reduce to a minimum its  touch numerous times per day. It is very important to remove the leftovers in your bins as often as possible. If you don’t have an availability to buy expensive detergents or just want to clean the bin without the usage of chemicals, just clean the rubbish bin applying some water and vinegar. Acidity of the vinegar has the power to eliminates bacteria and leaves perfect results.


Kitchen Sponges


It is important to pay enough attention to the different spots in kitchen used on frequently bases. Definitely   with a regular work in the kitchen all the appliances and surfaces get dirty. To keep your kitchen clean and tidy you should pay attention to the detail. Kitchen sponge is something we use daily. However they are a suitable environment for an extremely large number of bacteria – about 250 000 per 2.5 sq cm. When we use the sponges on different surfaces we just spread the germs. The sponge texture made of thousands pores become a comfortable home for the micro bacteria and become almost impossible for a complete removal.

The solution is to sterilize the sponges everyday. Just drop then in a boiling water for 3 minutes or put them in the microwave for the same period. You can also put them into the dishwasher.


Get rid of the smells


The microwave a is a perfect kitchen appliance in the context of the present environment. It makes warming food, preparation and defrosting nice and easy. However applying so many different meals daily would definitely bring a specific and unpleasant smell.


If you want to get rid of the smell just turn off the microwave from the switch and open the cover at the back. Use a vacuum cleaner and clean gently the fans and internal parts in side the oven. Be careful when you apply the procedure. The hover extension should be hold at least a few centimetres from the fan. If the microwave is in its guarantee period don’t open the cover, in a case of error the manufacturing company might refuse to apply the guarantee. After you finish with the cleaning close carefully  the oven. In a small cup mixture 50:50 water and white vinegar. Put this in the microwave and turn it on at the highest temperature for around 5 minutes. When the mixture boils it will remove stubborn and food particles in the inside walls.

When you finish the procedure just wipe inside with a sponge or paper. Definitely you’ll see the difference.