5 tips for cleaning you have never heard


Read some of the easiest rules for cleaning the house. They are very simple and fast and by using the tips you will make your home shine with cleanliness:

1. The best way to clean blinds: Close them down, then wipe with a dry cloth up and down. This will create an antistatic barrier that will prevent dust again fall on the blinds. At least for a while.
2. To clean glass vases, glasses and mirrors, use coffee filters, not paper. This way is cheaper, does not leave any marks, streaks or annoying lint cleaning.
3. By using a wet pumice stone you will clean faster and easier dirty stove / oven, than with any detergent and cloth.
4. In order to easily clean dirty microwave, put in a glass of water and a little baking soda until it boils. Soda kills bad odors and then it will be much easier to wash the remaining dirt on the walls of the oven.

5. Cleaning with lemon. It is a very powerful tool for cleaning. Its high acid content allows the fruit to work as a powerful disinfectant and “killer” of most common bacteria among households. Lemon could be used for cleaning the bathroom – instead of rubbing the tiles, grout, bath and everything else in the bathroom with irritating chemicals, better try this homemade recipe with a guaranteed result: squeeze six lemons and pour the liquid into a bottle and spray soiled areas. Citric acid will dissolve the accumulated dirt and moisture will form a “foggy” drunk. Antiseptic and antibacterial properties will clean and disinfect your bathroom perfectly.