Advantages and Disadvantages of Steam Cleaning

The removal of stains, dirt, sand and allergens can be achieved by several methods, both traditional and modern. One of these methods is Hot Water Extraction. It is well known to be one of the most effective ways for resolving all kind of girt and grime. When it comes to cleaning carpets, steam cleaning is a very useful method because it helps to dislodge dirt that has accumulated into the fibres of the carpet. Of course, the process can be used not only for carpets, but can also be employed if you want to clean upholstery, jewellery, bathroom tile and brick.

One of the main advantages of steam cleaning is the efficiency of the method. It is thought about to be gentle with carpet material while simultaneously being destructive to all the mites and bacteria. Heat and sprayed under a high pressure hot water would remove even the toughest grime from the carpets. High temperature also removes the odours that it may contain. We should consider that the power of the hot water gives great results not only on cleaning, but also on sanitizing the fabrics and gives remarkable results on extending the life of your beloved carpets.

Another advantage is that steam cleaning is environmental friendly. It uses a few chemicals (if there are any at all). In addition, high temperature kills most microbes and other bacterial organisms that are often inhabiting the carpet. Steam cleaning is extremely helpful for people with allergies because harmful organisms are killed. The only thing that is used is hot water. So the method causes no harm to the environment.

There is one main disadvantage of the method. And this is the drying period. Due to the equipment used to extract the moisture form the fabrics, the time duration needed for the carpets to be complete;y dry may vary between couple of hours and a full day. If not properly dried the carpets may turn into a hosting environment for must and unpleasant odours.