Feng Shui Ideas For Cleaner Home

Feng Shui principles could be applied to every sphere of life – love, career and even cleaning the house. So, in case the latter is not of your favorite activities, Feng Shui will help you break the routine and will turn household chores into real philosophy. In the East, spring cleaning is considered to make our house ready for the more active season  (or yang), and the autumn one – for the difficult winter (or in – endurance, survival). Bulgarian housewife also cleans the whole house during these two seasons. Feng shui teaches that during these two season cleanings, we should spare time for those parts of your home we rarely pay attention to. Sometimes cleaning the closet, ceiling, shelves or built-in wardrobe, helps us solve our problems. These are usually problems we haven’t managed to solve for a long time, despite the time and energy we have invested.

According to the philosophy, it is very important to take care of your windows, as they are believed to be the eyes of your home .No matter what season is, windows must be shining with cleanliness. In this way they allow daylight to penetrate to every corner of the room and as a result the flow of positive energy is increased . There’s more – washing windows helps you clear your mind, especially if you are struggling with a serious dilemma.

The kitchen is believed to be the heart of the home, which means that the presence of positive chi energy there is of prime importance. Always keep the refrigerator and cupboards clean and neatly arranged, throw jagged craft and polish utensils.

When the bedroom is full of too much things or inappropriate arranged, sleep becomes restless. The reason is that the positive chi energy mixes with the static and thus loses its power. To avoid this, you should place the furniture according to Feng Shui rules. Try to keep your wardrobe neat and tidy, floor and smooth surfaces – shiny and technology – away.

The clean home takes away  the emotional baggage, makes you more resistant to stress and helps you find solutions to serious problems.