Cleaning Tips for Working Mothers

Cleaning Tips for Working Mothers


In the context of the present busy environment working ladies need some easy cleaning tips especially with a child around. There is always a way to keep our home clean and tidy without the need to rush and cover all the tasks at the same time.

When there’s a child around managing the housekeeping meets the general question of our priorities and responsibilities. Large number of ladies would say that being a good mother is much more important than being a precise housewife. Fortunately if you’re reading this blog then you have made the right decision. A number of different and quick tips will make your life much better, save you time and the most important will reduce the stress to a minimum.

Quick Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen

Kitchen is always expected to be the tidiest premise of the household. Food preparation takes some time and often we spend most of the time in the kitchen with our family and friends. Most germs in the kitchen are usually concentrated around the sink, in the dishwasher or shortly at every place which retains moisture. We should always have a towel set prepared for wiping moist areas in the kitchen. After each food preparation it is a good idea to apply a special detergent around burners, at the oven glass and behind the oven. This should be a detergents especially made for oily surfaces and leftovers. Leave the solution for two minutes and remove with a paper towel. Repeating this process each time we cook will take only a few minutes daily, however if we just leave cleaning the surface for the end of the week or even the end of the month, then this will be a completely different story. It will take a whole afternoon and make you exhausted at the end.

Quick Cleaning Tips for the Bathroom

We do consider the bathroom as the second tidiest premise in the household. Here we have a typical problem which with the time ruins every bathroom. To avoid the accumulation of mold from retaining moisture always after shower ventilate the bathroom well. If you have a window just open it and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. Bath or the shower zone should have a special septum which would not allow the water to go out ( curtain, sliding door, single cab ). While you shower never drop the curtain into the bath and after you finish always take out decorative mats outside and leave them dry completely. If you’re expecting last minute guests and there are some stains on the tiles, just apply some toothpaste rub over and gently rinse with warm water. Is it true when they say that toothpaste will make you smile.

Quick Cleaning Tips for the Bedroom

Once you wake up and get up quickly make your bed. This will will refresh the room immediately. While you take shower or drink a coffee open the window and allow some fresh air to enter the bedroom. If there’s some linen to be changed just take it to the laundry basket once you get up. It is recommended to have only essential items in the bedroom. First this allows a better sleep and makes the cleaning process much easier.

Quick Cleaning Tips for the Nursery

There’s something essential about the cleaning, there is a huge difference between a dirty and untidy room. Definitely  children make a huge a mess a leave their toys all over the room and never at the correct place. It is always goof to remember that they only make fun of it. Just try to explain that at the end of the game we should keep our toys at the right place. Some mother also turn children energy into a clever advantage, they make the cleaning to look as a game and involve the children into the process.

More Tips for Working Mothers

Never leave the room with empty hands. Always look around and of something you can take to the other room. Like a cloth, a toy, a book or a photo album – every single item which is not at the correct place may find its way back once you go to the next room.

Don’t forget that there are some housekeeping duties which may be covered during the night. Using the dishwasher or washing machine might be covered over the night while you sleep. This will save you time, costs and tons of noise. In the morning just get up ten minutes earlier to take care of the clothes and dishes.

While you watch a TV sort out all the magazines, newspaper and leaflets. Keep the data you need and the rest just throw away.

If you don’t have a utility or a small storage just sort the cleaning products in the bathroom or in the closet. When you start to use a detergent just apply it everywhere. If you have started to clean the mirror on the bathroom then clean all the mirrors and finish the task completely.

And finally one general rule – always spend five minutes in every single premise of your property. Don’t waste your time and try to use every single minute as an advantage and do something. If you use our tips even if there’s no time for a general cleaning every week your home will still be looking fresh and tidy.