Easy Cleaning Tips


Cleaning our household is a process which has many different options in the context of the daily life. We all know about professional cleaning services and the are plenty of offers available almost everywhere.



However let’s turn back time and use some practical cleaning tips left from our mothers and grandmothers.



Cleaning your windows



Especially if you live in the city there’s lots of dust coming from everywhere. When you clean windows it is recommended to use a professional detergent which will remove the dirt and will disinfect. However in order not repeat this process for a certain period it is good to apply a few drops of glycerine in some water and wipe gently the windows.



Dusted books



You will get rid of the dust if you take them out and clean them using a brush for clothes. Then open , close and open the book. Repeat this a few times.



Oil Paintings



Paintings made of oily paint are beautiful and expensive. However as every single piece on your property they also need a good and proper cleaning from time to time. Fresh bread crumbs are very suitable for cleaning and refreshing colours. After that wipe the painting with a damp cloth and allow it to dry.



Dripping Taps Traces



Yellow marks are a predicted result especially when your tap is dripping. You can find the marks in the sink and even in the bath. This makes your appliances to look old and used. A simple trick will reduce the problem immediately. Just appy a few drops of lemon juice.



Sweat Stains



Sweat Stains are very uncomfortable especially in the summer. If you have them on your sleeves try to mixture some alcohol and ammonia in a 1:1 ratio.



Tanned Pots



You will remove the left overs from the bottom if you boil some water in the pot mixed with vinegar and salt.