Let’s Clean Without Chemicals

Frequent use of cleaning products for different appliances in our property migt cause some serious problems to our health especially to the children. Fragile immune system of children with allergies often reacts to chemicals. For this reason many housewives face the dilemma between the tidy and disinfected or less allergens.

Natural soap

You can replace most of the detergents with cleaning soap. Just grate it gently and mix with some water. This is a great solution which can replace your floor detergent.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is a fruit acid, which perfectly dissolves fat and removes odours. Just apply the lemon juice on the contaminated surface and wait half an hour before wiping with a cloth sprinkled with salt. This is just one of the many usages of the lemon juice. Mix it with olive oil in a proportion 1:2 and wipe your wooden furniture.


Vinegar works very well with limestone, dirt on glass metal and other smooth surfaces giving them shine. You can prepare a universal cleaner by mixing one tablespoon with 1.5 litres of water in a plastic bottle with sprayer. Use it for cleaning windows, mirrors and bathroom.

Essential Oils

Replace chemical flavors with natural fragrance oils. Essential oils will bring soft fragrance in your property not no mention their healing advantages. As an example lavender brings relax and chases moths from home. With the eucalyptus oil you will get rid of the flying insects.