Throw Away the Detergents

Shops are full with different chemistry – lots of detergents which labels promise quick and effective cleaning solution.

We would say that it all looks too good. Magical liquids and detergents clean and wash well, however they may bring serious damages to your skin, lungs and the environment.

When you use a detergent full with chemicals just think twice if you have a pet or a child. When pets are walking on your fresh cleaned tiles they feel un uncomfortable pinch with their legs. Unfortunately their unavailability to talk makes us forget about their feelings and more important about their health.

The most important about the cleaning is not the usage of expensive detergents but having our property clean and tidy on regular bases.

Cleaning the Bathroom

An effective cleaning tip for cleaning a bathroom is to pour in the toilet some boiling vinegar wait for ten minutes, scrub with a brush and apply a good flash at the end.

Limescale on the shower handset

Soak the shower handset is some vinegar and leave for a few minites.

Dusting Furniture

Use a piece of cloth and apply a dew drops of glycerin , allow it to dry and then clean it.

Cleaning Windows

Mix warm water and vinegar in a ratio of 11:1.

Cleaning the Microwave

Squeeze some lemon juice, pour it into a glass and and put it in the microwave to boil. At the end the microwave walls be covered with juice. Use a cloth to clean it easily.