General Cleaning

Lots of women even today use the same old method for cleaning their property – a soapy water. However the soapy water is not that effective especially when we apply it almost everywhere. The general issue here is how to reach clean, tidy and disinfected environment without the need of expensive detergents and extra cost.


To clean varnished and polished furniture, boil a pint of beer and mix with a piece of wax. Then gently apply on your furniture pieces and leave it to dry. At the end wipe the surface with a woollen cloth. It is possible also to use an essential oil. Apply a few drops on a piece of cotton and wipe the furniture.


Unpolished and dirty furniture might be cleaned only with warm soapy water. Don’t use cleaning products with a glazing effect for unpolished furniture. You will get only oily marks on the matte surface.


If you clean soft furniture with a vacuum cleaner it is recommended to wipe the end of the extension with а gauze piece soaked with salt water.
Cleaning Windows and Doors

Doors and window frames may be successfully washed with water and ammonia / 1 litre of water and 1 tea spoon ammonia /.

Cleaning Floors


Wooden floors should be generally cleaned more than twice per year. Washing and scrubbing must be always applied in direction to the wood layers. You can use a general detergent. Just apply a thin layer on a dry floor and leave it for a few hours.


Rug Cleaning

No more than twice per year you can clean your rug with a soft brush soaked in water and ammonia / 1 litre ammonia and 2 table spoons ammonia. After the cleaning rub the rug with a dry cloth.

Stain Removal:


  • Wine, beer, liqueur – you can remove similar stains with a warm water and washing powder. Soak a cloth and rub the stain, afterwards wash then with a mixture of warm water and 1 tea spoon of vinegar.
  • Coffee and tea – you need a cold water mixed with glycerin
  • Red wine and Fruit Juices – you need a cold water with ammonia

    And don’t forget – after the stain is removed rub the carpet with a clothes brush soaked in a washing detergent.