Kitchen Time

Everyone feels comfortable in a clean and tidy property. However most of the housewives doesn’t have enough time to cover all their duties inclusive the cleaning. It is always recommended to use professional services especially if we aim a perfection in the cleaning result, but there are always some tricks available for the need of everyone who’s in a hurry and wants quick cleaning tips and solution.

Cleaning Mirrors and Windows

You don’t need to spend extra expenses in buying detergents and towels for cleaning mirrors and windows. The only thing you need is a vinegar and used old newspaper. Cheap and effective solution for removing stains from windows and mirrors. Mix some vinegar and water and apply on the newspaper. For a shiny effect wipe with one more list of paper. Once you have your windows clean and shiny, your whole property will change its general outlook.

Washing Dishes

Washing dishes probably is a duty no one really enjoys. Never leave your dishes for later. This would make you deal with an unpleasant food leftovers and this most likely will take much more time. After each lunch or dinner ask every member of the family to clean only his own dishes. This definitely will save you plenty of time.

Clean the Microwave

This is one of the most frequently used appliances in the household and most appropriate – the dirtiest. If you search for a quick and easy cleaning solution apply inside a glass of water and turn on the microwave at a high temperature around 5 minutes. The water will start boiling and all the stick food leftovers will be gone. This is quick and easy.

Cleaning Fridge

If you have a large fridge you probably think that cleaning it is tough and difficult. Prepare two tea spoons of baking soda and cover with some water. Take a towel and soak it in the baking soda, afterwards clean all the shelves in the fridge one by one. If you apply this procedure there will be no smell and you can sort food immediately.