Lemons and Vinegar

Lemons and Vinegar

Probably most of you spend long hours at home. Everyone desires for some quick and effective tricks which save time and effort when it comes the time for cleaning. Well, we know a few tricks which will help you to avoid the boring cleaning process. If you want your property to look fresh and tidy, at least twice per two weeks you should take all the available detergents at home and clean every premise and corner in the house. In case you have forgotten to buy some cleaning products or there are some certain spots and stains as rust or mould, don’t panic and feel despair. In your kitchen cupboards you will find everything you need. You just need to know how to use the things you have.


Lemons are citrus fruits primarily used as a cosmetic solution. But lemons have much more advantages. Lemon acid successfully removes dirt and rust and when mix with salt it literally reached miracle results in the kitchen.

For cleaning kitchen surfaces, soak half a lemon in baking soda and apply at the dirty area ( this method is not recommended only for marble or stainless steel ). Afterwards wipe with a wet cloth and leave it to dry.

 If you need to remove a food leftovers from a wooden or plastic surface, squeeze a one lemon juice, scrub with a brush and leave for 20 minutes before rinsing with water.

 To reach an irresistible white colours with your washing, just add to the rinsing water half a cup of lemon juice.


  Vinegar as the lemons is a strong acid and this makes it a champion among the natural home cleaners and solutions. Vinegar removes stubborn dark spots, dried foam and shortly everything you can imagine.It perfectly cleans the inside of the kitchen appliances.

 To unclog coffee maker, pour equal amounts of vinegar and water in the tank and turn to drain. When the solution reaches half of the coffee maker, turn it off and leave it for an hour.

 To disinfect the dishwasher, pour in the rank half a cup with vinegar or just put a small cup with vinegar and turn in work empty.

 All floor surfaces ( except marble and wood ) clean with a quoter cup of vinegar mixed with a bucket of warm water. Cleaning windows will be successful with the mixture of quoter of water, 2 glasses of water and a few drops of cleaning detergent. After applying the solution dry with a newspaper.